Some of you have reached out with questions about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact on Noonlight’s products and services...

Will the Noonlight app still send help if I trigger an alarm?

Of course! The coronavirus has no impact on our ability to connect you to our caring dispatchers and send help to your exact location, 24/7. Our alarm monitoring centers are designed to be self-sufficient - complete with generators, multiple forms of communication, remote working capabilities, and contingency plans for a situation just like this.

Will Noonlight continue to improve its products and services?

Absolutely! While we’ve made the decision to close our physical offices for the time being, our teams will continue their work from home and practice social distancing. We are, at our core, a software and technology company, so this does not create any disruption in our ability to serve you and support our products.

The Bottom Line

Noonlight exists to protect and comfort you so you can live freely. We’re committed to doing everything possible to deliver on that mission.

We are with you during these times of uncertainty. Keep washing those hands. Keep doing what you can to limit the impact of COVID-19 in your community. We will get through this!

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