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How does Noonlight work?
How does Noonlight work?

Noonlight protects you in a variety of ways so you can feel safer on the go and at home

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You can use the Noonlight app, apps you connect to Noonlight, and even smart devices you may wear or have in your home to monitor your safety and get help from local police, fire, or medical responders when needed.

Noonlight works in a couple of basic ways:

  1. If you think there’s danger, you can manually trigger an alarm (using the button in our app for example). We immediately receive the alarm and can send your location, along with other vital information about you and the alarm, to local police, fire, or EMS responders and get you the right help, right away.

  2. We also use smart devices you connect to Noonlight to automatically keep you safe, even if you can't trigger an alarm yourself. For example, you can connect Noonlight to smart smoke detectors, smart home cameras, and leading wearable devices like Apple Watch. We use those connected devices to detect when you are in danger and automatically get you help or add critical context to an emergency so you get the right help. We even keep you safe on the road with automatic crash response.

Whether you trigger a manual alarm or connect smart devices to provide automatic safety, we always get highly accurate location from your devices and can send that, along with your profile information, to local responders.

Our certified dispatchers have your back 24/7/365 and will try to contact you first to see if everything is OK. False alarms do happen sometimes (butts, babies, toasters - we're looking at you), but if the emergency is real or you can't respond, we send help.

See all the devices and services you can connect to Noonlight and get started for free by downloading our app.

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