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Why not just dial 911?
Why not just dial 911?

Noonlight works to enhance 911

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Public safety dispatchers and first responders are true heroes, but much of today's 911 infrastructure was simply not designed for our mobile and connected world. It was created when older "landline" or wired phones were the norm. (You know - a phone line plugged into a wall - remember that?!?).

The result? 

  • Many 911 centers struggle to get an accurate location on mobile phone calls. 

  • They receive little to no information about you or your emergency before asking.

  • They often lack an ability to communicate in ways we take for granted, like text. 

  • And, of course, 911 won't ever know about your emergency if you are unable - or unaware - of the need to contact them. Think of a serious medical event or a fire at your home while you're away for example. 

Mobile carriers, device manufacturers, and government agencies are working to improve that reality, but it's a big job.

There are more than 6,000 public safety access points (911 centers) in the U.S. and multiple police, fire, and EMS agencies within those. The ever-increasing pace of technology adds to the challenge, and believe it or not, there are still areas of the country that lack even basic 911 service.

Noonlight was designed for today's world from the start however and in a way that gets better with new technology. As devices and technology get better and smarter, so does Noonlight.

You can use Noonlight when you feel scared but aren’t ready to call 911. We have your back if things do go wrong, and by allowing you to connect smart devices and apps, Noonlight also offers protection when you can't or may not know you need to call for help.

We get highly accurate location data as well as other vital information from your smart devices, and our app, that can help you in an emergency, and we share that vital information with local first responders in the event you need help.

Still, Noonlight does not replace 911.  We provide a smarter and more advanced way to connect to police, fire or emergency medical help when you need it, and yes, we even let you text with our dispatchers and responders in an emergency, just in case you can’t or don’t want to talk.

Get started for free by downloading the Noonlight app.

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