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What can Noonlight do for my public safety agency?
What can Noonlight do for my public safety agency?

Highly accurate information and data-driven awareness.

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Noonlight works to make your mission safer, more effective, and more efficient. 

Accurate and Validated Information
Our technology and central-monitoring approach means that we dramatically reduce false alarms and unnecessary calls for service. When we do need to contact local responders, we can typically provide more accurate and comprehensive data about the call, caller, and location than you may be used to receiving. 

When your PSAP is contacted by Noonlight for dispatch, you can expect:

  • A validated alarm

  • Highly accurate location data, typically within a few meters

  • Real-time updates to location if the caller is moving

  • Vital profile data on the caller and all available relevant event details

  • A Noonlight CaseID and short web address for reference

Enhanced Situational Awareness
Noonlight uses smart devices and smart data to create a more accurate and complete view of the event. Entering a Noonlight CaseID on our secure Web and mobile interface lets you "join" a live alarm and see vital data first hand.

Many agencies prefer the simplicity and cost-effective (who doesn't like free?) nature of our secure desktop and mobile web capability, but integrated-data options are also available for CTE, CAD, or MDT applications.

Unique Insights
We also use our unique data assets to help policy makers, agency leaders, and individuals make more informed decisions, improve resource utilization, and ultimately prevent emergencies from happening in the first place. And, we do it while steadfastly protecting the privacy of our individual users.

That’s good for agencies and responders. It’s good for our users, and it is good for the communities we all live in.

If you are a public safety or community planning professional interested in how our data can help you learn about your community, enhance data-driven initiatives, or you have suggestions for how to make Noonlight better, please contact us through the blue chat bubble on this page.

Learn more about how we empower public safety at

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