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What should I include in my profile?
What should I include in my profile?

Your profile provides vital data to first responders

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Signing up for Noonlight is quick and easy. It just takes four pieces of info, but here’s the bottom line.  The more we know in a real emergency, the more we can share with 911 and first responders and the better we can help. 

After your account is created, we encourage you to enter as much profile information as you are comfortable providing and connect the apps and devices you know will provide vital data to responders in the event of an emergency.

To update your profile, open the Noonlight app > tap the app menu (top left corner of the button screen) > tap view profile.

Note that the Android version of the app has a different profile view. We are in the process of building out additional fields to store profile information. In the meantime, use the "other info" area to store any information you'd like to be shared with first responders, such as your emergency contact.

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