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How do I turn on location services?
How do I turn on location services?

Location services help find you in an emergency

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The majority of calls to 911 are from cell phones, but existing 911 technology has difficulty finding the exact location of that call. Device manufacturers, 911 centers, and wireless carriers are working to solve this problem, but Noonlight’s technology can provide highly-accurate location data now. 

Noonlight uses your location information to get you the fastest and most accurate response possible from 911 and first responders during an emergency. Apple has recently made changes to their location services options with the release of iOS 14. In order to guarantee that Noonlight receives an accurate location for you during an alarm, be sure you've toggled your location settings for the app to Allow Location Access: Always and turn ON Precise Location.

Learn how to turn on and manage your device's location services so Noonlight can get you the right help, right away:

Still have questions? Send us a message from our Help Center (by clicking the blue chat bubble in the bottom right corner) or in the Noonlight app (by tapping Customer Service in the menu).

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