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Why did SafeTrek change its name to Noonlight?
Why did SafeTrek change its name to Noonlight?

New name. Same mission. Broader protection.

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We’ve come a long way since our launch in 2013. 

What began as an app focused on helping college students walk safely from point A to point B, has evolved into a platform that protects you and what matters most to you, at home and everywhere else.

It may mean sending first responders to your home when suspicious motion is detected on a smartcam, to your vehicle immediately following a crash, or to your location when we see your heart rate reach a dangerous level.

Our mission, to protect and comfort people so they can live freely, remains the same. Our new name simply fits better with all the different ways we can keep you safe.

So, what does Noonlight actually mean? 

It’s the brightest sunlight, the type that occurs around noon, when everything is clearly visible and people feel safest. 

Noonlight illuminates insights and rich data from your connected apps and devices during an emergency, helping first responders get to you faster and more prepared than ever before.

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