How does the button work?

Discreetly send help to your location using Noonlight's safety button

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The safety button works in two ways:

  1. If you know you need immediate emergency response, quick tap the button and don't enter in your PIN.

  2. If you are feeling unsafe or sense danger but don't know if you need help right away, hold down the button until you become safe. If you end up needing help, release the button and don't enter in your PIN.

If you don't enter in your PIN, an alarm is triggered and you'll immediately be contacted by one of our certified dispatchers via text message and then phone call. If you confirm with them that you need help or if you are unresponsive, they'll send help to your exact location.ย 

False alarm? No worries, you can always cancel by entering in your four-digit PIN (this lets us know you are safe) or by speaking to our Noonlight dispatcher when they contact you.

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