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Can I add an emergency contact to my profile?
Can I add an emergency contact to my profile?

How emergency contacts are used, updating contact information and adding multiple contacts

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How is my emergency contact used?

If an alarm is triggered through the Noonlight application and verified by the Noonlight dispatch team, they will share your emergency contact with the 911 operator. Noonlight does not contact your emergency contact when an alarm is triggered. The police and first responders will make that determination based on their standard protocol in responding to your emergency.

Add or edit an emergency contact.

For iPhone devices, open the in-app menu and select view profile. Click the emergency contact field and choose from your phone’s list of contacts. If the contact you select has multiple phone numbers stored to it, it will default to the first number on the contact's profile. There are two ways to correct the number if the incorrect one is pulled in:

  1. Create a new contact in your cell which is separate from the existing one. Only add the desired number to it.

  2. Delete the first number from the existing contact.

Depending on which option you choose, you'll then need to restart Noonlight after you make the changes in your contacts list and try to add them again in the profile portion of your app. If you would like to add a second emergency contact, scroll down to the bottom section in your profile. Here you can manually add any information you feel would be helpful in an emergency, including more emergency contacts. 

For Android devices, certain profile fields are still under development. Therefore, to store emergency contact info, manually input the name and number in the other information section of the profile and it will be made available to our dispatch agents if an alarm is triggered.

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