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Do you offer PSAP or responder training?
Do you offer PSAP or responder training?

Noonlight is very easy to use, but we do also offer training options

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Our technology and central-monitoring approach makes receiving an alarm from Noonlight in your PSAP extremely easy. 

We interact with PSAPs and responders across all 50 States on a daily basis, and we designed Noonlight to operate within typical and standard PSAP operating procedures. 

Still, some jurisdictions - particularly those who are interested in technology advancements or the intersection of consumer technology and public safety - want to become more familiar with all Noonlight capabilities.

We have multiple training and support options for those agencies that include:

  • Documentation on Noonlight features specifically for PSAPs and responders

  • Training aids for Noonlight's secure desktop and mobile web capability

  • Webinar (hosted) training options 

  • Q&A sessions with Noonlight product experts

  • A dedicated contact point within Noonlight

  • An advisory board for public safety professionals with a strong interest in IoT, mobile app, and smart-device trends as they relate to public safety

If you are an emergency comms training officer or other credentialed public safety professional and want to take advantage of our training or PSAP support options, please contact us through the blue chat bubble on this page or visit to request material.

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