How does Timeline work?

Tell Noonlight what's going on so we can get you help if anything bad happens.

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Have you ever told a friend about someone new you're meeting? Or about a suspicious vehicle parked outside so that way someone else would know just in case anything bad happened? Now you can tell Noonlight by adding this info to your Timeline. If you trigger an alarm, we'll share relevant info from your Timeline with first responders so they can get you help right away. 

Open your Timeline and tap the "+" sign in the blue circle to create a new entry.

Add additional details that could be used in an emergency to get you help.

If you trigger an alarm, we'll share relevant, timely info with first responders. So, be sure to add to your Timeline often, just in case anything bad happens.

Adding to your Timeline is not a replacement for using the Noonlight button in an emergency. This information will only be shared with first responders if you trigger an alarm.

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