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Noonlight Household

Add family members and/or trusted emergency contacts to your Household so they can be notified about and cancel alarms

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If you have a DIY alarm system that's professionally monitored by Noonlight, you can use the Household feature to allow members (family and/or other trusted individuals who you want as emergency contacts) to receive alarm notifications and have the ability to cancel false alarms.

How it works

When a Household alarm is triggered, all members will receive text notifications and have the ability to cancel the alarm with our Noonlight agent via text. The Household creator (primary contact) will receive a phone call in addition to the text and have the ability to cancel via voice.

Get started

Use this link ( to create your Household, invite members and manage your Household moving forward.

Once your Household members have accepted the invite, feel free to trigger an alarm with your system and practice having different members of the Household cancel by providing their PIN to our Noonlight agent.

Still have questions? Send us a message from our Help Center (by clicking the blue chat bubble in the bottom right corner) or in the Noonlight app (by tapping Customer Service in the menu).

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