How much does Noonlight cost?

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iOS App

Noonlight offers three different plan options for iOS users. 

The Basic (Free) version of the Noonlight app includes the core safety button feature and emergency response service and is completely free to download and use. Additionally, iOS users can utilize both Timeline and Safety Network with the basic version.

There are also two paid plans, which include additional safety features and levels of protection. Each plan comes with a one-month free trial period.

Instant Access ($5/mo) gives you access to more convenient, discreet safety features. For example, you can connect your Apple Watch to send help from your wrist or Uber/Lyft accounts to automatically share your driver's information with police if you trigger an alarm while riding Uber/Lyft.

Total Protection ($10/mo) gives you access to hands-free ways to get help. For example, connect crash response and we'll automatically detect if you've been in an accident and send help. Or connect Alexa or Google Home to send help using just your voice.

Android App

The Noonlight Android app includes the safety button and emergency response service and is completely free to download and use.


If you're a developer and want to leverage our APIs to add emergency dispatch and/or professional monitoring to your app/solution, learn more here.

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