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How does Noonlight help protect Tinder users?
How does Noonlight help protect Tinder users?

Tinder has partnered with Noonlight to give you backup every time you meet up with someone new.

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Tinder users can now connect to Noonlight to share information about when, where and who they are planning to meet up with. Noonlight will share that information with 911 and first responders on your behalf in the event you trigger an alarm using the Noonlight iOS app.

Connect Noonlight to Tinder so you can:

  • Add a badge to your chat threads and let people know you’re protected by Noonlight.

  • Share where, when and who you’re meeting IRL via Noonlight’s Timeline feature.

  • Discreetly trigger emergency services if you’re feeling uneasy or in need of help.

Be sure to download the Noonlight app from the App Store so you can add meet-up info and get help in an emergency. 

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