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Can Noonlight monitor for fall detection?
Can Noonlight monitor for fall detection?

Health care monitoring and medical emergency response

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Noonlight will monitor and help support individuals and caregivers of individuals who have fallen while wearing their CareWatch or Wherible device. While loss of balance is often caused by a tripping hazard in one’s environment, it can also be indicative of known or unknown health conditions. In any event, our caring Noonlight dispatchers are ready and available 24/7 to support you through a fall.

Here’s how it works: In the event that your CareWatch or Wherible detects a fall or you activate the panic button from your device, a Noonlight agent will call to check on you. If you respond to confirm you need emergency assistance or are unable to respond, Noonlight will contact the appropriate emergency services to get you help. If emergency services are not required, you can simply respond to the Noonlight agent's call to cancel the alarm.

Additionally, Noonlight will contact any caregivers you've added to notify them of the alarm. If your caregivers are in a position to quickly provide you with assistance, Noonlight can coordinate with them instead of or in addition to notifying emergency services.

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