What is Safety Network?

A better way to let the people who care about you look out for your safety

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Have you ever gone out at night and asked your friends or family to text or call you later to check if you got home safely? With Noonlight’s Safety Network, you can keep the people who care about you up-to-date on your safety and enable them to send help if you’re in danger.

You can add friends to your Safety Network so they can request a check-in from you at any time. If you don’t respond, they’ll be able to track your location and even send police to your location if they think you’re in danger. You can also share your live location with your friends for up to 24 hours.

With Safety Network, you’re in complete control of your privacy. Noonlight will only share your location when you don’t respond to a check-in from a friend, and you can stop sharing your location at any time. You can also remove anyone from your network who you’ve previously added.

At this time, only Noonlight iOS app users can create a Safety Network and invite others to join to monitor their safety.

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